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Caucasian woman smiling, aged 20-30 with long brown hair

Jenny McGibbon

Jenny's background is in digital communications and graphic design, working with both charities and for-profit businesses across the UK and US. She is the founder of This Thing They Call Recovery, an online space dedicated to the nuances of life as a chronically sick young adult.

Jenny holds a BA degree in International Branding, and an HND in Visual Communications. She has worked as a Lived Experience Campaigner for multiple UK-based charities, helping to ensure products and services are designed with a range of people in mind.

Jenny says:

"As someone that lives with 'invisible' conditions, I'm passionate about ensuring no one is left behind in the fight for a more equitable future. To me, using my lived experience means recognising the insight living with chronic illness has given me and passing that on to others."

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