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Meet Our Team

We are a team of disabled individuals, using our lived experience to create social change. This work isn't theoretical for us. We each know first-hand the positive impacts that come from accessible and inclusive practices.

We are experts in our respective fields, with a broad range of backgrounds, and we're looking forward to working with you!

White woman smiling, long brown hair, wearing a floral top.

Caroline Collier


Black Female, shoulder length black hair, aged 40-50, smiling.

Cynthia Matthews


white female smiling, aged 40-45, grey top, brown hair

Lesley Linley


White woman smiling, wearing navy and teal, short brown hair

Rebecca Sare


white male, 30-40, dark blonde hair, with a beard, smiling

Dan O'Driscoll


White woman with long red hair smiling softly

Emily Reynolds


Pale white woman aged 30-35 with brown eyes and a long dark plait

Amy Palmer


large Caucasian looking female in their 30s.  Long brown hair, dark eyes, and wearing a black top with colourful swirls.

Mona Chergui


Caucasian woman smiling, aged 20-30 with long brown hair

Jenny McGibbon


Marie drinking a cuppa, white female in her 40s, short blond hair wearing a blue top.

Marie Yates

Let's work

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