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Our Organisation

We believe in a world in which lived experience of disability is seen and utilised as the valuable source of strength and expertise that it is. 

A business meeting between 3 individuals. Two are Caucasian and one is Black. They're looking over papers on the table.

We base our work on our core values of:

Illustrated high five, one hand has a deep skin tone, the other has a medium skin tone.


Stack of papers that show items ticked off a list.


Thumbs up with a Caucasian skintone.


Simple bar chart shows upward growth.


How did we get started?

Inclusion Unlimited is a Community Interest Company, subsidiary of successful Deaf and Disabled Persons Organisation Inclusion Barnet. All our profit is ploughed back into our parent charity.


This means that we don’t just talk about importance of Inclusion to our work. We are different.


Every time you work with us, people with lived experience of long term conditions and disability directly benefit from the grassroots benefits our services provide.

London View showing Tower bridge and pedestrians.
Inclusion Barnet Logo

Our work is informed by:


Social Model

of Disability

2 simply illustrated people with arrows showing a cycle between them. One has a light skintone, one has a dark skintone.

Peer Support


Illustrated silhouette of a head with a medium skintone

Trauma Informed Approaches

Stacked papers

Key Principles of Co-Production

Our Mission

Supporting organisations to achieve success through understanding and harnessing the lived experience of staff, users and customers. 

It’s a big world. Working as the charity Inclusion Barnet, we make a big impact, on a local level. But through the work of Inclusion Unlimited we spread our lived experience expertise wider in:

  • Co-production

  • Supporting staff and workers

  • Training

  • Research and evaluation


In all we do, we are committed to the principles of Inclusion. We work with and co-produce alongside diverse and frequently marginalised groups. We work to ensure equitable experiences for everyone, ensuring greater equality in access and a fairer society. 

We're committed to progress, and that means we're committed to you.

"Fully accessible" doesn't exist. Everyone's needs are different, and sometimes they're conflicting.


That's ok. We're all individuals.

At Inclusion Unlimited we're committed to continuously growing along with you.

Things could and should be better for so many people. Don't let the fear of imperfection put you off.

Progress is powerful.

Braille Inscription in Railing
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